Internship – Work Integrated Learning Course for undergraduates – 🇱🇰 – 🇮🇳.

Mastering Software Development Life Cycle.

Please Note: the Following Course Content is for Full Time Internship 2021 or 2022 students.
HND Students and / or University Undergraduates only.

Become a Practically Oriented Professional.

  1. PHP
  2. MySQL Database – MySQL Workbench
  3. Shopping Cart, Payment gateway integration.
  4. WordPress
  5. Digital Marketing
  6. SEO – Search engine optimization
  7. Web Development Technologies [ CSS / HTML5 / JavaScript’s / AJax ]
  8. WHM – Domains / IP / DNS Zone / Creating cPanel Accounts etc..
  9. cPanel – Adding Domains / Creating e-mail Accounts / Cron Jobs / PhpMyAdmin / MySQL etc..
  10. Fundamentals of ERP Software
  11. Postman – API
  12. IoT – Internet of things
  13. ASP.NET
  14. Preparing for the Workplace
  15. Critical Thinking & Analysis
  16. Problem-solving skills
  17. Error Handling & Troubleshooting
  18. Individual Live project – [ ALL stages – SDLC ]
  19. Mastering Software Development Life Cycle. – SDLC
  • Planning Stage. / Feasibility or Requirements Analysis [ BA ]
  • Design and Prototyping [ UI/UX Design ]
  • Software Development – Coding  [Front-end / Back-end Developer ]
  • Software Testing [ QA Engineers ]
  • Implementation and Integration.
  • Operations and Maintenance.

Course Fee: LKR 32,000 LKR 24,000 [ 25% Discount ]

Join Mastering Software Development Life Cycle.
Mastering Software Development Life Cycle. – SDLC
  • Working for Individual live projects
  • 100% online course
  • Duration: 6 Months – Full Time
  • 65% Practical – 35% Research & Theory
  • Over 50 Hours – Individual (one to one) Online sessions
  • ✅ Over 100 Hours – Group Sessions (Maximum 10 – 15 Students Per Online Session.)
  • Over 600 Hours of Practical
  • Get the Real-World experience
  • Learn from Industry Experts

Course Fee: Rs. 24,000/= [ Full Payment ]
or Installments Rs. 12,000 x 2 [ Undergraduate – Internship* ]
or Installments Rs. 8,000 x 3 [ Undergraduate – Internship* ]

Call Our 24 Hour Hotline: 070 299 0042

No teamwork will be allowed as we need each student to get a comprehensive Commercial Experience in the Software they develop

* Internship – Full Time / Part Time Course only

Building tomorrow’s workforce. – හෙටට අවශ්‍ය ශ‍්‍රම බලකායක් ගොඩනැගීම.
Internship – Work Integrated Learning Course – WILC.
ක‍්‍රියාකාරකම් සහ ඉගෙනීම ඒකාබද්ධ කර ඇති පාඨමාලාව

FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions :

1. QuestionWhy do I have to pay during the Internship @ DHUB.CLOUD ?
Answer: This Internship program is with a Work Integrated Learning  Course – WILC (ක‍්‍රියාකාරකම් සහ ඉගෙනීම ඒකාබද්ධ කර ඇති පාඨමාලාවක් ), most of the time when you go for internship you get to do a particular module but at DHUB.CLOUD we ensure every Intern develop a Cooperate Software application, to get the real – world experience (working for Individual live Projects. some students will get to work on international projects remotely.) as this internship is your foundation for the commencement your career. During the Internship – Work Integrated Learning  Course we do not pay any allowance.

2. Question: What do you mean by an Internship – Work Integrated Learning Course – WILC.
Answer: You will have to do your internship – work plus attend lecture online, and do researches etc.. @DHUB.CLOUD all Interns will have to follow Mastering in Software Development Life Cycle (Mastering in SDLC) and will have the opportunity to develop an Enterprise software application using the Software Development Life Cycle – SDLC. Also, we will be conducting about cPanel, WHM, troubleshooting & Error Handling, ERP module, Domains, eCommerce Solutions, payment gateway integration, API, Data analytics, we will show you the errors where it leads others to enter systems and we will show who to identify what a client needs for the developer to give the best product to a client, how to work in an office, about HR and how to work with teams, how to face an interview, problem-solving skills and many more modules during the WILC.

Our team consist of individuals who have gained experience from the industry and expertise in Software Development, some over 25 years of experience developing software for both local and international markets.

3. Question: I am looking to start my career as a back-end developer so, why I must do the Mastering in Software Development Life Cycle.
Answer: When you are doing Mastering in SDLC. You must do a complete Individual live software application project using the following stages.

1. Planning Stage. / Feasibility or Requirements Analysis [ BA ]
2. Design and Prototyping [ UI/UX Designer]
3. Software Development – Coding [ Front-end developer / Back-end Developer]
4. Software Testing [ QA Engineers]
5. Implementation and Integration.
6. Operations and Maintenance.

When you have completed the full SDLC it will be easy for you to be practical knowledgeable back-end developer and you will be able to advice the BA team etc to do modification so that you can develop the software to give to your client.

4. Question: Can I follow this Internship – WILC online, what is the duration.
Answer: Yes. The lectures are conducted as follows:
Week-day   :         Duration: 6 months – Full time (minimum 4 per week.)
Week-end  :         Duration :  9 months
Lectures could be conducted after office hours as well depending on the availability.
Note: You will have to cover more than 600 hours of practical’s and over 150 hours of theory and research.

5. Question: Do you have any individual (One to One) sessions and/or Group sessions.
Answer: Yes, each undergraduate – student has their different level of education, some students might be weak, so we start the course with one-to-one sessions. Group Sessions are conducted as well.

6. Question: What will be the course Fee for Work Integrated Learning Course for undergraduate.
Answer: Course Fee: Rs. 24,000, you can pay it in two installments within 60 days. (ref: The Course Fee details.)

7. Question: I don’t know MySQL and PHP etc.. Also, I am afraid of doing coding
Answer: We will teach you, MySql and PHP at the start of the course, free of cost. You do not have to worry we will be guiding you from the beginning.  

8. Question: We do not see any client’s names in your website.
Answer: as we have signed NDA – Non-Disclosure Agreement with the clients we are not able to disclose our clients name and information even to our developers due to security reasons.  

9. Question: Do you sell the Cooperate Software application to the client which the intern did the research etc.
Answer: No, we have our own development team to do it.  

10. Question: Do you give the Internship completion letter.
Answer: Yes, In the Internship Completing letter we will state the modules so that when you go for an interview the interviewer will have an idea what you have done. Each undergraduate will have to fill the daily report and the monthly report as request by the University, also each report our Admin team will monitoring it daily and/or weekly basis. We will not issue any Internship completion letter for those who do not work comply and fulfill the requirement.

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