Work Integrated learning course for Software Engineers, Software Developers, BA & QA

For Whom : Graduate, Undergraduate or School leavers (School leavers will have to do foundation module* (Free) before doing Work Integrated learning course. )

Remote (Online) 5 days a week. 9am to 4pm

Course Outline:
MASTER 7 Stages of the Software Development Life Cycle.
1. Planning
2. Feasibility or Requirements Analysis
3. Design and Prototyping
4. Software Development
5. Software Testing
6. Implementation and Integration
7. Live Operations on client-side servers and Maintenance

You will have to work on a Software project (example: HRMS, Accounting etc…) using the 7 Stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. This project will not be a Team work but a Individual so that after you complete Work Integrated learning course you will be able to develop software without anyone’s help.

– You will have to attend online workshops.
– Online lectures Sessions.

Requirement :
You will need a Internet
A Computer

Investment : LKR 35,000/= Sri Lankan Students
Investment : USD 350/= For International Students
Duration : 6 Months

On competing the course you will get a certificate of completion.
Some student’s we will be offered a Job after this course to work with international and local clients.
You can start any day.

For more information: Call 070 299 0042